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So you’re brooding about decorating a cake. Maybe you’ve done it before, maybe you haven’t. But either way, you’re no expert. Sound about right? Great! You’ve come to the proper place.

We’ve put together this easy guide that focuses on six specific tips for decorating a cake for the start home baker.

Since this is often a beginner’s guide, we cannot even bother discussing fondant icing, because it is beyond the scope of a beginner cake decorator, and instead, specialize in buttercream.

First thing’s first, since making and decorating a cake are often quite a little bit of work, it isn’t a nasty idea to separate the work into stages. for instance, bake it on a Monday and freeze it, then take it out and decorate it on Friday.

Decorate a Cake in 5 Easy Steps

.1. Select the proper sort of cake for the occasion and person

The type of cake says tons about the occasion. Fruit cake is extremely traditional for Christmas, but tons of youngsters won’t eat it, so probably not the simplest choice for a child’s birthday celebration.

Sponge cakes are Very light and won’t take tons of weight in icing – a really thin light icing is best.

A basic butter cake may be a good selection to practice on.

2. choose your design

This is probably the toughest step – designing your cake decoration. Depending upon the occasion it’s going to be very simple, with just a couple of sprinkles.

For a child’s birthday, you would possibly want something a touch more complex sort of a superhero face, teddy, or castle.

Everyday items like biscuits and lollies are often used for walls and wheels. Jelly makes excellent ‘water’ and coconut can double as snow.

Be creative in understanding the way to achieve your look.

3. Visit your local grocery

There are many readymade items at your local supermarket that will assist you to decorate your cake quickly and simply.

So take the time to browse the cake decorating section – near the baking goods.

There are many readymade items including different colors and kinds of icing, 100 & 1000s sprinkles, star-shaped, and dinosaur-shaped sprinkles – in various colors, cachous (shiny edible balls), icing figurines, and even edible glitter gel for writing on the cake.

Next, browse the utensil aisle. Here you’ll find differing types of cake tins (round, loaf, deep ring, heart, teddy, cupcake, muffins, and mini-muffin trays just to call a few) within the utensil aisle, which add quick and straightforward interest to your cake decorating.

And lastly, within the party supplies are going to be candles and other party favors you’ll use to fit your theme.

4. choose the sort of icing to embellish your cake

After deciding what sort of cake you’ll bake (or buy), and your theme, it’s time to settle on the proper sort of icing and frosting techniques to use when decorating your cake.

Don’t choose a difficult or complex icing or frosting technique for decorating your first cake.

Your cake decorating design also will influence the sort of icing you’ll need.

Vienna or buttercream – easy to form with granulated sugar, butter, and water, you’ll use this frosting if you’re trying to find a frosting that fills gaps and also covers up all cake bumps.

it’s an identical appearance to a topping and it is often finished in peaks or smoothed down. it’s easy to flavor and color. Available in typical flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and lemon. you’ll then decorate with piped icing over the highest, or various sprinkles, etc.

Fluffy frosting- almost like buttercream, this frosting has egg whites for gloss and lightness. it’s created by beating during a blender or an electric mixer.

The frosting must be used on the day you propose to serve your cake due to the very fact that it becomes a touch crisp after some time and also loses its gloss.

Sugar paste- it is often purchased ready-to-use from cake decorating suppliers or your supermarket. It is often made the reception, but it’s tough to form a pure white, and can not keep as long as a billboard product.

This icing will harden, so it’s great for larger decorations that get up.

Royal icing – usually used on wedding cakes and yuletide cakes, it’s very heavy & solid. Usually unrolled and placed over the cake. Decorations are often cut out of it and molded into different shapes (eg flowers).

Chocolate glaze or ganache – usually made with melted chocolate and cream, or milk and poured over the cake to drip down the edges.

Cream Cheese frosting – often used on carrot cakes leaving a whipped surface

5. Plan your cake decoration

Usually, the cake is given a basic overall coat of icing, and decorations are placed on top. If you would like quite one color at this stage, look out to let each set before placing subsequent to stop bleeding.

Make any decorative pieces early in order that they have time to line.

Make a paper model/cutout to ascertain how it’ll all fit together.

Trim biscuits or lollies to size beforehandable to put together.

Follow these simple cake decorating steps to form your masterpiece you’ll save time and stress.

How do you decorate a cool cake?

Baking cakes beforehand and freezing them also make frosting them easier.

Frozen cakes don’t crumble the maximum amount once you frost them, and it makes it much easier to use your crumb coat (see below).

Likewise, leveling your cakes is simpler with frozen cakes.

Cakes will keep within the freezer for up to every week. Indeed, you’ll also make buttercream beforehand and store it within the fridge, in an airtight container, for up to every week.

A cake turntable is literally a rotating platter that you simply use to show the cake while leveling and frosting it. Turning the cake instead of having to steer all around the cake makes the entire process much easier.

Splitting (also called torturing) your cakes is more of an intermediate task, which you’d do if you’re applying filling inside the layers. But when you’re ready for that, you’ll use your turntable for that also.

Leveling your cakes is vital because the tops of the layers got to be completely flat, otherwise, they will lean or wobble once you stack them. this is often where your serrated knife comes in.

There are serrated cake knives, which work well, but any serrated knife will work. Just confirm that the blade of your knife is longer than the diameter of your cake.


Decorate a Cake

The goal is to saw off any dome-like top on the cake in order that it’s perfectly flat.

Start the blade at the sting and keep it level while rotating the cake on the turntable, employing a sawing motion instead of trying to push the blade through the cake.

don’t be concerned about the bottoms—these should already be flat from the bottoms of the cake pans.

In fact, you’ll flip your cakes in order that the bottoms face upward. But do still level them in order that the bottoms don’t wobble. and do not forget to eat those trimmings.

The next step is to frost the cake, which starts with applying a crumb coat. A crumb coat is an initial, light coat of frosting that seals and suspends any crumbs, in order that once you attend apply the ultimate coat, you will not see any crumbs within the frosting.

If you are making cake, position the rock bottom layer on your turntable, spread a layer of frosting to the rock bottom layer, then place the highest layer on top (bottom side up).

Now apply the crumb coat to the entire cake, then chill the cake for 15 to half-hourthis enables the crumb coat to be completely set before you apply the ultimate coat of frosting.

Stunning Cake Decorating

Place the assembled layers on the turntable and apply a mound of frosting to the highest, spreading it around together with your spatula while you rotate the cake.

Do the edges next. it is best to figure quickly in order that everything stays cool. But when you are still learning, this might not be possible.

So it’d help to require an opportunity between doing the highest and therefore the sides, return the cake to the fridge within the meantime.

A cake smoother (or cake scraper or decorating comb) may be a flat piece of metal with one flat edge and one serrated edge. it’ll produce a sharper finish than a spatula (although a spatula will do a fine job).

To use a smoother, run the sting along the edges of the cake while rotating it within the other way 


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