What do you do with a wedding arch after the ceremony?

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Your day marks the beginning of forever for you and therefore the love of your life.

But while it’s all rainbows and sunshine, it’s such a shame that in any case the time and efforts that enter making it a reality comes and goes during a heartbeat.

On the brilliant side, however, it’s possible to stay memories of your big day alive.

How? Well, besides photographs and videos, you’ll creatively incorporate a number of your wedding décors into your home décor.

Read on to ascertain a number of the marriage decorations you’ll upcycle to home décor after you walk down the aisle.

Six Wedding Decorations you’ll Reuse as Home Décor

1 The Cake Stands

We all love cake, and there’s little question that after your day, you’ll bake countless cakes for your spouse, for those that visit your home, or maybe your kids.

That said, after your day, it’d be knowing to save those cute cake stands and use them for this purpose.

If baking isn’t your thing, you’ll still save and use your bridecake stand as kitchen or bathroom décor. as an example, within the kitchen, the cake stand might be wont to hold your washing soap and therefore the sponge.

within the bathroom, the cake stand can function as a functional piece of décor that beautifully displays your shower gels and perfumes.

2 The Flower Vases

The flower vases are the simplest of all wedding décor items to include in your home decor.

Therefore, rather than renting them out, it’d be an honest idea to shop for yours so you’ll keep them afterward. you’ll place them on strategic points of your house, as an example, the dining room table to display fresh, beautiful flowers.

Also, did you recognize, real preserved flowers can last up to 2 years? If you happen to use these on your big day, then they’re among the marriage décor items you’ll reuse as home décor post-nuptials.

What’s even better is that during this case, you get to stay both the flower and therefore the vase!

3 Lighting Accent

The lighting you used on your big day also can function as home décor. as an example, if you had delicate string lights lining your barroom area, you’ll put them inside a bottle or find and wrap them around a country stick.

Afterward, use them on special holidays like Christmas, or increase your home bar to reinforce its aesthetic appeal. If you used or plan on using lanterns, you’ll use them to illuminate your patio or porch after the marriage.

4 Wedding Signs

Wedding ceremony signs, whether pretty or rustic, add a touch of flavor and personality to your big day.

Wedding welcome signs can usher your guests into your big day and, at an equivalent time, add a wow factor to the venue, and you’ll be glad to understand you don’t need to throw them away.

You can creatively incorporate them into your home décor. as an example, remember that majestic, ornate gold-framed mirror with beautiful calligraphy saying, “Welcome to our happily ever after”? you’ll save and hang it in your bedroom to remind you and your spouse of that big day.

If it had a stand, you’ll place it in one corner of your front room. In both instances, it’ll function as a gorgeous décor piece and, at an equivalent time, remind you of your big day.

Alternatively, you’ll keep it away, and use it on special occasions. as an example, when celebrating your anniversary reception, you’ll use it because the centerpiece reminds you of how far you’ve come since you said I Do.

5 The Throw Pillows, Linens, and Blankets

Aah! Remember the comfortable cocktail hour lounge you had at your evening party? does one remember the lovable throw pillows, linens, and blankets you had specially chosen for this lounge? you’ll hold on to them and use them in your home.

The throw pillows will add an aesthetic factor to your space. The blankets can function as throw blankets during the day and can are available handy during those cold movie nights.

As for the linens, you’ll use them on special occasions. as an example, on your anniversary night or holidays to remind you of your awesome day.

If you’re reading this just before your day, make certain to pick throw pillows, blankets, and linens with quality fabric, which can blend in together with your current home décor.

6 The Vows

Although they’re not a marriage décor item, your wedding vows also can function as home décor. Simply have both your vows framed and place them on your nightstand.

you’ll also add them to the marriage gallery wall you created in your house. this may remind you of your significant other’s sweet words a day.

You cannot stop the hands of your time, but you’ll sure freeze time and remind yourself of your day a day by upcycling a number of your wedding décor items into your home décor.

While you can’t keep every decoration from your day, the above items, from the marriage ceremony signs to the lighting accents, are worth keeping.
However, you do not need to wait until your next big occasion to place the decorations into use; you’ll incorporate your wedding decorations into your home décor.

Using the decorations as a part of your home décor helps to rekindle the special moments of your day, before starting to make special moments as a marriage.

Couples who enter new houses also find their wedding decorations quite helpful when it involves giving the house a homely look, before investing in other home decorative pieces.

How do you store your wedding stuff?

Have the decorations altered to make a fresh New Look for various occasions? as an example, if you’ll use different colored candles with the candle holders used during your wedding or wrap the candles beautifully in paper to make a fresh search for other occasions.

Wall hangings also can be placed around the house or also put aside and used during special occasions. Centerpieces especially are often re-used during holiday parties.

In case there are any wedding decorations that use batteries or anything which will be attached, confirm you remove them to stop damaging them.

Dust and clean the decorations regularly to take care of their quality. Cupcake wrappers used at the marriage also can be re-used severally before finally recycling them.

Putting up the decorations is often a fun family activity and it’d just become one among your family traditions.

Everyone loved one is often assigned a task, for example unwrapping the decorations or cleaning them before and after use.

In the maximum amount, as you would like to stay your wedding decorations, it’s important to be realistic and abandoning of the pieces that can’t be re-used.

The noble act of storing your decorations for re-use can become hoarding and it can become uncontrollable if you retain investing in additional decorative pieces for other occasions.

filter out broken or unused decoration pieces regularly, especially after stocking abreast of new decorative pieces.

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