How do you set up a cookie decorating station for kids?

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Commercials make it look very easy and peaceful, don’t they? Decorating cookies with kids. Let’s be honest.

it’s not always the things of commercials. What starts out as an exquisite holiday memory can leave kids bored and whiny, your floor covered in sprinkles, the kitchen an area, and much frosting in your hair.

If you’re trying to find a fun way—and easy way—to decorate cookies with kids this Christmas, I’ve got you covered.

It only takes a touch of prep work on your part the day before and you’ll be found out for a stress-free, mess-free (!) cookie decorating session.

How do you decorate cookies for kids?

First, start by making the cookies.

Use whatever cut-out cookie recipe floats your boat. This vanilla almond cut-out cookie recipe is my go-to. I’ve made thousands and thousands of cookies with this recipe. It’s a winner.

You’ll also need royal icing. Here on Food & Friends, I shared a recipe for royal icing made without meringue powder. Here’s one made with meringue powder. Either will work.

The key’s making the cookies and royal icing a minimum of each day before decorating.

You’ll thin the royal icing with a touch of water, stirring gently as you go until, once you run a knife through the bowl of icing, the road disappears in about 20 seconds.

Pour the icing into a squeeze bottle and canopy the cooled cookies.

Use a toothpick to guide the icing in situ and to pop any large air bubbles. Don’t worry about perfection here.

Let the icing dry uncovered for 6-8 hours or overnight. If making them a couple of days early, store them in an airtight container between layers of waxed paper.

The cookies can even be frozen then thawed at temperature.

How can toddlers decorate cookies?

Independent Decorating: Place a plastic sheet on your floor under the table. found out the youngsters decorating the table with a plastic tablecloth and place the baked sugar cookies on a tray within the center.

Set the pre-made royal icing decorations that are during a bowl near the cookie tray.

Cut a medium-sized hole in a number of the royal icing tubes of color in order that the youngsters can squeeze the royal icing onto their sugar cookies, but the highest back on, and place them on the opposite side of the cookie tray.

Put plastic placemats ahead of every child, then have a plastic plate, tray, or a paper sheet on the table near them in order that they can place their finished decorated sugar cookies.

Also, place plastic knives at each setting in order that children can spread the royal icing over the highest of their cookies and paper towels dig medium-sized squares in order that they can clean their hands while they’re decorating.

you’ll also place bottles of various sorts of sprinkles for them to use also. Kids love sprinkles.

Monitored Decorating: this concept is often a replica of the primary idea, except that you simply are there to supervise and help the youngsters with their decorating.

If you recognize the way to use fondant, you’ll use fondant to hide the sugar cookies, then help them clock out fondant flowers and other fondant shapes to embellish their cookies.

Group Decorating: This idea replicates the primary idea, but on a bigger scale where a gaggle of youngsters is involved in decorating.

How do you host a Christmas cookie decorating party?
Different sorts of sugar cookies are often baked then divided amongst children in order that they decorate and take a spread of sugar cookies home with them.

Adults can buy the decorating supplies and place them in disposable bowls and placed them on the decorating table for all of the youngsters to use.

Several adults will get to get on hand to replenish supplies and supply boxes for the youngsters to require their cookies home.

Each of those ideas is often implemented successfully as long as you remember that youngsters celebrate decorating cookies and creating their own edible masterpiece.

And, once you are done, please confirm to require pictures of youngsters with their cookies. this might become an annual event.

Debra J. Mosely is that the author of The Cake & Cookie Closet series of cake and cookie decorating books.

She’s bent teach the planet the way to “dream in sugar” with simple techniques to make stunning designer looking sugar cookies reception using fondant as your medium


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