Different Types of Stage Decoration and Its Growing Importance

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Most Indian weddings are grand events with mythological rituals, decorations, customs, traditional dresses, and heavy embellishments.

The ceremonies are quite grand and it is often quite difficult to plan wedding decorations. The decoration is one of the vital and most vital parts of Indian wedding ceremonies.

Different places are decorated during weddings which include stage decoration, table, and chair decoration, and hall decorations.

Stage decoration holds immense prominence because it is that the sacred place where the marriage vows are exchanged.

it’s also referred to as Mandap in Hindu marriage ceremonies. within the earlier days, mandap decorations were supported traditional rituals and beliefs. Today it’s decorated in several styles to suit individual preferences.

Growing Business of Stage Decoration

Wedding mandap decoration is one of the foremost flourishing businesses in India and abroad. The mandap is typically placed on an open ground almost the bride’s home.

it’s four posts that depict the four Vedas of Hindu mythology which includes Samaveda, Rigveda, Atharvaveda, and Yajurveda. It also denotes the four karmas of Hindu myth.

All the rituals of Hindu marriages are often traced back to normal periods. As these sacred rituals are performed under the marriage mandap, it’s quite important to embellish the stages extravagantly.

Today stage decoration has become a flourishing business prospect.

Three Different Styles

It is usually wiped out three alternative ways which include the subsequent.

Traditional style: Most of the people that live outside India prefer traditional decoration themes because it exudes a singular aura of homely feelings. differing types of traditional props like candles, diyas, lamps, rangoli, colorful drapes, and flowers are used for traditional styles.

Contemporary style: Modern wedding stage decorations include contemporary styles with amplified lights and sound systems.

It also includes colorful balloons, stars, glitters, and disco balls. Today there are many professional decorators available in many of the web stores.

Theme-based: one of the foremost popular mandap decorations includes theme-based decorations. the whole venue of the marriage is decorated on the idea of a selected theme that incorporates matching fabrics used for tables and chairs, matching flowers, and lots of other details.

Even the marriage cakes within the theme-based decorations are made to match with the marriage theme.

Professional decorators include a whole team comprising of florists, photographers, catering then forth.

it’s important to rearrange wedding mandap consistent with the theme if the bride and therefore the family have specific interest in theme weddings.

What are the types of decorations?

differing types of materials are employed by professional decorators to reinforce the sweetness of the stage.

Lighting is another important aspect used for decorating purposes. a singular combination of lights and fabrics will increase the sweetness of the whole wedding function.

Today there are many event management service providers that showcase incomparable expertise within the field of mandap decoration.

The accommodation, catering, décor, audiovisual, entertainment, logistics, transport, staging, and artistic designs are maintained by these companies efficiently. the knowledgeable wedding planners also can be arranged to embellish wedding mandap beautifully and elegantly.

Wedding decoration holds a crucial place in Indian weddings. correct wedding decoration and reception decoration is what makes a marriage stand out.

In Indian weddings, this decoration goes alongside the general theme of the whole wedding and thus through with utmost care and importance.

With the growing trend of designer weddings, the decoration is that the topmost priority of each wedding, and other people confirm they’re spending a major chunk of the budget on the right decoration so on make the marriage stand call at the gang.

Wedding decoration involves decoration at every stage, right from the marriage Gate decoration, too, reception decoration, to wedding stage decoration, to wedding decoration.

What is a stage decoration?

this is often a whole process and thus is completed from the scratch in every wedding as each Indian wedding features a different theme and is predicated on a totally new idea and ritual so to form the marriage in accordance with the planning of the marriage, each step of decoration is completed with minute care and details.

The wedding decoration involves a beautifully designed entrance gate so on capture the eye of your guest the instant they enter the marriage.

The ambiance is additionally tastefully done keeping the theme in mind.

Nowadays the Indian weddings are through with a topic, the theme might be autumn or spring or with the reminder some religious touch, so keeping all that in mind the precise atmosphere is meant so to form the marriage reflect the taste and lifestyle of the bride and groom.

the thought behind a wedding decoration is to capture the instant within the eyes of those attending the marriage.

As an Indian wedding or the other wedding is once during a lifetime moment and other people want it to show out the simplest, it’s rapidly becoming a norm to appoint a marriage planner within the wedding who takes care of all the marriage planning and decoration.

What are the types of wedding decorations?

Appointing a marriage planner saves you from the method of designing the entire wedding by yourself.

As wedding planners are well versed with the continued trends and changes within the market, they’re updated with the present trend, and that they suggest to you the newest decoration options that you simply can neutralize the marriage then they plan the entire wedding in accordance with the decoration option you select.

because the wedding decoration is that the soul of any wedding, the planner makes sure that he’s taking all the minutest care while planning for the marriage stage decoration, wedding decoration, reception decoration, and wedding Gate decoration.

By leaving this stuff in the expert’s hands, you’re left with enough time to relax and luxuriate in the marriage as they’re professionals and that they know the work inside out.

Any wedding decoration which is being done by a planner always has this professional look and it makes the entire wedding looks fabulous and therefore the whole wedding seems to be a memorable and exciting memory within the eyes of family and the people that attend it.

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